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Trimming is always a good idea to help promote the health and continued growth of the trees on your property. We provide pruning, trimming and stump grinding services, in addition to other services that will help ensure that your trees are thriving and disease free. Of course, if we find problems, we'll do our best to correct them and to prevent their spread. Whatever your tree service related needs, for fast, affordable, and efficient service, call us in Lincoln, NE first.

Pruning and trimming

If you have a beautiful big tree that grows well, chances are you will eventually need our tree pruning and trimming services. Tree pruning and trimming can temporarily reduce the height of your tree, encouraging it to grow, and remove dead wood, allowing it to focus on new growth. Most tree pruning or trimming is required for trees that are quite large, and Acme Tree Service in Lincoln has the tools to do the job efficiently and safely.

Tree and stump removal

If you have an old tree around your home that you want to get rid of, and have cut it back as much as you can, you will be faced with the hardest part of the whole process – removing the stump. Removing tree stumps can be the most difficult part of tree removal. Acme Tree Service offers a stump grinding and removal service. We can remove tree stumps from your home quickly, even filling in the hole where the tree stump was. Call us today for a free quote on our tree and stump grinding removal services in Lincoln and the surrounding area.

Tree replanting

When you remove a tree, you often want to replace it, with a lower maintenance tree, a tree that is sustainable, and hardy for the conditions you live in. Acme Tree Service in Lincoln offers a great service that will help you to select the perfect tree for your home, where and how to plant it, and how to ensure it grows and flourishes. Whether you are building a new yard, or adding to your existing yard, call us today for a free quote.
Man replanting a tree after stump grinding removal services in Lincoln, NE
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